Tree Carbon Offset Exchange

A catalyst for mass civic engagement in reforestation

When launched, this platform will pay a dividend to people who plant and nurture trees to sequester CO2. It offers an economic incentive to those who share a common ambition to mitigate the impacts of climate change.


This platform enables users to demonstrate their commitment to growing trees. It can be used to measure growth, record the amount of sequestered CO2 and map the location of trees that have been established to capture atmospheric CO2.


Anyone growing trees to mitigate climate change will be able to use this platform, whether they plant one tree or many and the dividend received rewards their commitment to nurturing trees irrespective of tree age, growth rate or location.

A Catalyst FoR MASS Civic Engagement

With many governments pursuing market based approaches to reducing CO2 emissions, this platform will act as a further catalyst for reforestation.  By democratising the means of capturing the economic value of the carbon accrued by growing trees, this platform will help to deliver the scale of civic engagement and investment needed to meet national atmospheric CO2 emissions targets.

Low Tech – High Efficiency

Trees are a low-tech, high-efficiency way to offset much of humankind’s negative impact on the climate. The Earth could support almost an additional billion hectares of trees without disrupting existing woodland ecosystems or pushing into urban or agricultural areas. Once the trees grow to maturity, they could store almost two thirds of the carbon emitted since the start of the industrial revolution. Read more…

How to start…

Step 1:
Plant saplings

The first step is to plant tree saplings. The rules for establishing woodlands and the types of trees that can be planted are determined by regional guidelines specified by the appropriate national authority.

Step 2:
Make a record of trees planted

Once a tree is planted information about it can then be added to the platform using the CO2x Smartphone App. A new user starts by creating an account.  Thereafter, the location and species of every new tree can be added by using the App to take a picture of the whole tree and entering the correct tree type from a list of valid species for the area.

How to measure growth & receive dividend payments…

Step 1:
Attach tree tags

It may take several years before a tree is properly established, but once established, the next step is to attach a tree tag. Every tree is required to have a tag wrapped around the trunk at a height of 1.3m above the ground.  A tag has a unique QR barcode, which is used to identify the tree and mark the place on the trunk where the circumference is to be measured. Future measurements of the trunk circumference are used to record growth and this information is used to calculate the amount of sequestered CO2 attributed to the tree. It is important to wait for the tree to grow big enough to ensure the tag can be attached to the trunk at the correct height.

Step 2:
Register trees to receive dividend payments

Once a tree is tagged it can be registered to receive dividend payments using the Smartphone App.  Every tagged tree is registered by holding the camera close to the tag in order to read its ID. The App simultaneously records the location of the tree as well as its unique ID.  The user then confirms the correct tree type and enters the trunk circumference measurement at the tag. Registration is completed by using the App to take a picture of the whole tree.

Step 3:
Validate tree records to get paid

A user receives a dividend for every year of growth after the date of registration. However, tree growth must always be verified before any dividend payments can be made. A user can choose to verify growth at any time, although this is typically done at 1-5 yearly intervals. There is no benefit to doing so sooner than once a year or disadvantage to doing so longer than 5 yearly intervals. Verifying growth is achieved by using the Smartphone App to read its ID and then entering an updated measurement of the circumference of the trunk at the tag. The location and ID of the tag are checked against its registration details, and if they correlate and the tree growth is within norms for the species, then the record is marked as validated.

Step 4:
Manage your account

The CO2x Dashboard is a web based tool used to manage a user’s account. After logging in a user is presented with a list of all their trees, which can also be organised into groups. The information displayed will include a measure of the sequestered CO2 attributed to each tree or group of trees and the total amount attributed to all the trees in their account. The dashboard also shows which records have and haven’t been validated as well as the total sum of dividend payments deposited into their account.

Read how dividend payments are calculated & distributed…

Creating Shared Value:

Distributing earnings

The platform generates income by selling sequestered CO2 attributed to validated tree records. The value of sequestered CO2 is determined by the carbon offset markets and at the end of each year, annual earnings are distributed to those users whose trees contributed to the sale of validated CO2. Dividend payments are determined by dividing the total annual earnings by the number of tree growth years. This payment model ensures users receive a dividend for each year of tree growth regardless of its age, growth rate, location or species. Users are therefore rewarded for nurturing trees rather than the amount of sequestered CO2 directly attributed to them.

Independent validation

Extensive use of Smartphone technology is employed to avoid fraudulent activity and the dividend payment model renders no economic advantage to entering inflated measurements of tree growth. However, the platform and the trees registered on the platform will also be subject to independent validation. Validators linked to the platform will review tree records and may elect to make site visits to authenticate the data.

Our Business Model:
Creating long term value

Our approach ensures that anyone growing trees to sequester CO2 can elect to receive a dividend payment for their commitment. The payment received will ultimately be determined by the market value for sequestered CO2 and the average amount of sequestered CO2 attributed to all the trees registered on the platform. Consequently, as trees registered on the platform grow, so too will the size of everyone’s dividend payments. Furthermore, the value of sequestered CO2 is likely to rise in line with commitments to reduce atmospheric CO2. Our business model is creating long term value and rewards those who share a common ambition to mitigate the impacts of climate change by growing trees.

Frequently asked questions…

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Declared a climate emergency?


For organisations declaring a climate emergency, your support enables this platform to democratise the economic benefits of the carbon offset markets and reward the people and communities growing trees to mitigate the impacts of climate change.


For the people and communities who share a common ambition to plant trees to mitigate the impacts of climate change, this platform enables them to demonstrate their commitment and rewards them for growing trees.


For research organisations and academics studying the impacts of climate change, we welcome opportunities to collaborate and refine the underlying science, which is used by this platform in order to accelerate the scale and pace of civic engagement in reforestation.

To find out more please email: [email protected]